Field Trip to Sevanikethan

As part of the educational field trip the 3 year B.Sc. N. students of Bethany College of Nursing visited and interacted with the director and inmates of SevsNikethan Cheri Keri at Raipur along with the faculty members. SevaNikethan is a social service centre of the catholic dioceses of Raipur.

Teacher’s Day Celebration

Bethany College of nursing celebrated teacher’s day on 5th September 2016 to honour and value the great service of the teacher’s in the college. Various cultural activities and creative programs that were put up the students added more colour to the celebration.


2nd Year BSC. N. students of Bethany College of Nursing conducted an exhibition on AV aids on 29th August 2016 at 2:00 P.M. in the college campus

Azadi 70 – Yaad Karo Kurbani

Azadi 70 – Yaad Karo Kurbani ( Freedom Fortnight) Celebrations at Bethany College of Nursing.
As part of the 70th year of Independence Day celebration, Bethany College of Nursing celebrated Asadi 70 – Yaad Karo Kurbani on 23rd of August 2016 at College campus in Borsi. The students recited the National Anthem at 11:00 A. M. In order to facilitate a platform for students to express their patriotism and responsibility towards the Mother India, a painting competition was conducted on the theme “70TH YEAR OF INDEPENDENCE”. Eleven students participated in the Painting competition and of which Ms. Shilpa Francis, Ms. Priya Hiyal and Ms. Kavitha Baghel secured the first prize, the second prize and the third prize respectively.

Model Competition on Immunization

3rd Year Students of Bethany College of Nursing Held a Model Competition on Immunization Schedule

As part of Child Health Nursing, the Third Year B.Sc. Nursing Students of Paediatric Department of Bethany College of Nursing held a Model Competition on Immunization Schedule-“Immunize for a Healthy Future”-on 18th July 2016 in the college, under the guidance of Prof.(Dr.) Beny Susan Chacko,the Principal of BCN and Lecturer.Mrs. Jiya Sajeev, Paediatric Department, BCN.

The students were divided into four groups for the competition. The creative models that were displayed by each group made their presentation more attractive and impressive.

Each group associated the theme immunization into different models like Tree, Train, Peacock and Grapes to explain the importance of immunization in the life of a child.

The first group selected the beautiful bird peacock as their model. “As the peacock attracts people towards it with the beauty of multiple colours, we have to attract people from both rural and urban area to facilitate them with education pertaining to the importance of Immunisation Schedule” said Ms.Priya Hiyal, the third year student of BCN, during the presentation.

Grapes was the model of second group for the presentation. Ms.Neena Mary, the third year student of BCN said in her presentation that “It means that when we have grapes, for the first bite it produces sour taste and then sweetness likewise first time immunization causes pain but that pain causes good health.”

The third group used train as their model for the presentation. “The deviation of a train from its correct track shall always cause accidents, in the same way the deviation from the proper Immunisation always causes bad health” while delivering the presentation said Ms.Ancy Joseph, the third year student of BCN.

Tree was the model of the fourth group for the presentation. The third year student of BCN, Ms.BismiBabu explained in her presentation that “the tree refers to life. The cutting down of the branches of a tree threatens the survival of the tree, likewise leaving behind the immunization threatens the good health. The child who is properly given the immunization will be a healthier child like a healthier tree.”

“We are so happy that indeed we got a great opportunity to express our creativity as well as to learn more about the importance of Immunization Schedule” Said the class representative of third year students of BCN, Ms.Jancy K. Alexander

The models were evaluated by the faculty of BCN. The first group- the peacock model was awarded the first prize, the Grapes and the Train models grabbed the second prize and the Tree model won the third prize respectively.

The Management and the Faculty members encouraged and appreciated the 3rd year students for bringing creativity and taking extra efforts for making the competition more informative.



Bethany College of Nursing Bade Goodbye to its Fifth Batch

Bethany College of Nursing, Bhilai on 5th 2016 bade farewell to its fifth batch of students in a get together held at College Campus, organised by the third year students with the support of the College Management.

The programme was named as ‘DESPEDIDA’ which means Farewell. The specially and creatively prepared venue depicted the emotions of both the college management and the outgoing students as they say adieu to each other.

While delivering the Administrator’s speech Fr. George Abhayanand OIC said “Another milestone crossed for BCN as its Fifth Batch ‘Safirez’ fly out as mature birds into the skies of the Nursing Profession. Blessings and good wishes to them. Kudos to the Third Years for organizing such a visual and culinary feast for their seniors…. Despedida…Adieu…”

“Dear students of fifth batch as you go out from the campus I remind you that hold on the values of the profession beyond all professionalism. Practice and follow our motto “Care with Charity and Commitment” said Principal Prof. (Dr) Beny Susan Chacko in her speech.

The variety of cultural programmes like dances, songs and creative games added more colour to the programme of whichthe journey of Memories, a Power Point presentation about the activities of the outgoing batch touched the heart of the audiences and made the outgoing batch to remember their four years of life in BCN.

Apart from this there was a Miss Bethany and Miss Lucky competition which made the gathering very lively and memorable for the outgoing students. Miss Rini John won the Miss lucky competition and Miss Glincy grabbed the Miss Bethany title respectively.

“As I say goodbye to BCN I know that I will miss BCN because it has become the part and parcel of my life. The four years that I have spent here in BCN made me to form myself as a socially committed person along with professionalism” said Miss Glincy while receiving the Miss Bethany award.

The BCN thanks its fifth batch for all the support that they have rendered last four years and wishes them well and pray that life will treat them kindly; that God will keep blessing everything that they put their hearts and minds to. The programme winded up with a delicious love feast prepared for everyone.



BORSI, MAY 12: International Nurses Day 2016 was celebrated in Bethany College of Nursing with much gusto and fanfare. The theme of the year was Nurses: A Force for Change: Improving health systems’ resilience”. The resilience of a health system is its capacity to respond, adapt, and strengthen when exposed to a shock, such as a disease outbreak, natural disaster, or conflict.” The programme started by 9:30 am. The guest of honour was Rev. Sr. Betsy SAB, Matron of St. Alphonsa’s Bethany Hostel, who is a dedicated nurse. The event was colourful with various cultural programmes. SNA Vice President Ms. Priya Hiyal welcomed the audience which was followed by the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the dignitaries which included the guest of honour Sr. Betsy, Rev. Fr. George Abhayanand OIC, the Asst. Director of the College; Prof. Dr. Beny Susan Chacko, the Principal of the college, Mrs. Sunita Wesley, SNA Advisor and student representatives. In her keynote address, Sr. Betsy set the tone of the day underlining the importance of nurses in society and also the significance of the day. Prof. Dr. Beny Chacko  explained the theme and Fr. Abhayanand inspired the student nurses to look upon nursing not only as a career and profession but as a vocation. The students put up an inspirational performance highlighting the challenges nurses face in their day to day professional set-up and also how the challenges can be overcome with dedication and hardwork. The programmes included a mime, skit, comedy, a flash mob dance and cinematic dance by various groups. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks and National Anthem.


Farewell to Rev. Sr. Betsy SAB